Non Profit Committee

Michelle Hackett, Arc of Southern Maryland
Secretary: Lorin Johnson, Center for Children, Inc.

Meetings: Third Tuesday, 10 -11 am, United Way House, Prince Frederick

Statement of Purpose: Nonprofits are an economic driver in Calvert County

Vision: Calvert County has sufficient (ie., deep) res
ources to support a thriving non profit community and to fulfill all citizen needs

Mission: Forging purposeful connections and col-laborations in the business community

The not-for-profit sector is an essential partner in the Calvert County business community. The Calvert County Chamber of Commerce has formed the Chamber Non Profit Alliance in 2015 to foster working partnerships between the Alliance and the for-profit sector.


Non Profit Alliance initiatives include:

1. Partnerships
: Monthly meetings highlight partnerships between non- and for-profit businesses, locally and regionally, with the goal of future collaboration.

2. Workshops: Quarterly workshops inform members about best practices on important issues fundraising, volunteer recruitment and retention and budgeting.

3. Economic Impact Study: To lead to a more comprehensive study of the economic impacts of nonprofits in Calvert, the Alliance conducted a survey with the Maryland Association of Non-Profits. The results of the survey drill down into Calvert county data as they prepare to analyze recent statewide survey returns.  Click here to view the Report

4. Legislative Priorities: Outlines NPA legislative priorities for the General Assembly and the Calvert County Board of Commissioners, including abolition of personal property taxes and other initiatives; im-proved transparency of how/when/why funding is granted.

5. Recognition for Non-Profits: the Alliance works to increase acknowledgement of the work of non-profits in the county via “Nonprofit Celebration Day”, a presentation to BOCC and other elected officials, etc.