Message from the Chairman

 Fellow Chamber Members,

What a great time for businesses in Calvert County! With the recession behind us and a business-friendly attitude in government, we will strengthen our organization and our commitment to long-term goals. I am honored to lead the Chamber's Board this year and will exercise my best efforts to support the business community.

The Chamber provides opportunities to bring together big businesses and small businesses, white collars and blue collars, for profit and non-profit. We plan to 1) engage our membership in more relevant training and education; 2) provide more support to the subsets of our membership -- the Ambassadors, Government Affairs, Women2Women, and LeadShare Committees  -- and 3) create more leadership opportunities for those who want to engage in organizational processes, event planning, education and non-profit support.  Capitalizing on the wealth of experience and enthusiasm of our membership, encourages all to accomplish more.

As businesses grow, we create jobs and pay our people better, we provide goods and services as the market demands, we support the non-profits who care for our communities, and we become better stewards of our environment. Healthy businesses build better communities. Thank you for being part of the effort. Your participation strengthens our mission to insure a rich quality of life in Southern Maryland.

Lillie Mattingly, Calvert Commercial Real Estate
2015 Calvert County Chamber of Commerce Board Chair