Message from the Chair

Dear Fellow Chamber Members:

It is an honor to serve as the new Board Chair of the Calvert County Chamber of Commerce for 2014. I am optimistic about the future of Calvert County and the vitality of the businesses which serve our communities. As a longtime resident of Calvert County and employee of the school system for 36 years, and participant in Chamber activities, I see great opportunity for advancements in the coming year. With your active involvement in and support of Chamber initiatives, we can make a tremendous difference in our local economy and the future of Calvert County.

Our Board of Directors represent impressive resources and the members bring a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to our mission to Educate, Advocate, and Connect in order to better service the businesses in our communities.

The Chamber is committed to expanding its membership base to include new businesses, young startups companies, women and minority entrepreneurs and existing businesses whose experience and long term success can be an inspiration and model to other members. We will work hard to provide networking opportunities, educational workshops especially in health care, marketing, and financing, and advocacy with local and state government officials in the coming year.

We will constantly update our website and keep members aware of Chamber activities via the Calvert County Chamber of Commerce calendar so that we can help local businesses to do business. The year ahead is filled with potential. Let us shape our future together.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Calvert County Chamber of Commerce, I wish you a safe, healthy and prosperous 2014.


Victoria D. Karol, Ed.D.

Chair, Calvert County Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors